Hangar 48 Replace Air Handling Systems

Project Location: Randolph AFB, TX

Client: 502nd Civil Engineering Squadron

Completed: 6/2015

Project Type:




Services Performed:

Design Build Construction

Mechanical & Industrial Fabrication & Installation       

Building Automation Systems   

Frost & Keeling participated in the Design and Renovation of Hangar 48 at Randolph AFB which is a paint booth for T-38 military aircraft. As part of our scope of work, we removed the three existing Air Makeup Units (AMU) and replaced with three new 30,000 CFM Gas-Fired Air Makeup Units. On the opposite end of the facility, existing exhaust fans were upgraded with premium efficiency motors and were provided with three new NEMA 3R outdoor type fan motor VFD’s. Within the facility, all new materials were required to be explosion proof construction. As part of the installation, we installed new Building Automation Systems in order to provide multiple control sequences for the installation allowing any of the Makeup Air Units to be operated with any of the Exhaust fans. This integration allowed for the building users to control space pressure to be negative or positive depending on the application needed for a given process.