At Frost & Keeling, Design Build construction is our specialty. It is engrained in the DNA of who we are as an organization and how we would describe ourselves in one line. Frost & Keeling is where visions are designed and built. We take great pride in being able to identify the issues that keep our clients awake at night and utilizing our vast technical resources to come up with solutions.

Our Design Build team is led by our Vice President of Engineering & Pre-Construction who employs Design Managers to serve as the liaison over the entirety of the design process from Concept to For Construction. Our goal is to create a synergy between the client, our design team, and our subcontractors to deliver a design solution that is timely, cost effective, and in accordance with the requirements of the project.

Our in-house Design Managers will not only manage the design team to ensure the effort remains on schedule and meets the intent of the work, but will also perform detailed constructability reviews in conjunction with our subcontractor partners to ensure our solutions make sense not only on paper, but also when built. To make the project successful, we recognize that buy-in on the end design product needs to come from all parties to avoid delays or cost issues.

Our approach to design management also allows for Value Engineering as our highly knowledgeable team are effective at identifying more efficient and effective means of performing certain tasks or understand the appropriate products. By utilizing our design build team, we can deliver the best product at the best price every time.